The Department is comprised of two organizational bureaus

  • Field Services

  • Support Services

The two bureaus consist of four operating divisions

  • Patrol Division

  • Criminal Investigations Division

  • Communications and Records Division

  • Administrative Services Division​

Personnel from some of these divisions also staff specialty units that provide unique or specialized services as needed. 


Pelham Police Department personnel are the highest trained law enforcement officers in Shelby County. This is due to an aggressive field training program for new police officers, as well as required in-service training for all other officers.



The Patrol Division is the most visible and recognizable element of the Pelham Police Department. It is divided into three shifts that provide police services within the City of Pelham 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each shift is supervised by a Lieutenant and two Sergeants, and it is staffed by numerous police officers to ensure an efficient and effective patrol response.

Patrol officers handle all of the initial investigative duties that pertain to calls for service in the City of Pelham. They meet with the reporting person, interview witnesses and suspects, collect evidence, render first aid, effect arrests, and conduct traffic crash investigations.

Many police officers assigned to the Patrol Division have received specialized training. Information on our specialty units is below.



The Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic enforcement and crash investigations.


School Resource Officers are assigned to each

Pelham City Schools campus.


The Emergency Services Unit is highly skilled  & responds to extremely hazardous situations.


Code Enforcement is dedicated to educating citizens & enforcing codes & ordinances.


Our K-9 officers are specialized in narcotics detection, along with their human partners.


The Bike Patrol Unit is responsible for special events

& targeted patrols.


The Evidence Technician Unit is responsible for maintaining crime scene integrity.


Sworn and civilian employees complete certification &  specialty courses yearly.


The Traffic Operations Unit is responsible for traffic law enforcement, traffic crash prevention and investigation, impaired driver enforcement, traffic control at various functions and events, and neighborhood traffic complaint investigations.

The unit also engages the community by educating citizens about traffic laws and safety, speaking to driver education classes, and promoting the use of

seat belts and child restraints.

The Pelham Police Department is one of the few agencies in the Birmingham area to have full-time traffic personnel dedicated to traffic safety.



The Tactical Operations Unit is a highly skilled and well-equipped tactical unit that responds to extremely hazardous situations where conventional police tactics and equipment may be inadequate. The Unit may be called upon for incidents involving hostages, armed suicidal subjects, clandestine drug labs, or barricaded/wanted subjects. The Unit also assists in serving warrants in high-risk situations for the arrest of dangerous felons.

The Crisis/Hostage Negotiations Team is a part of our Tactical Operations. These officers assist individuals who are in a crisis or critical incident. Their goal is to facilitate a successful and peaceful resolution, without injury,

to all involved.



The Pelham Police Department takes great pride in its K-9 Unit because of the proficiency and ability of the animals working in partnership with their handlers.


Our department has three K-9 teams comprised of a police officer and his canine partner. Two are specialized in the detection of narcotics, including heroin, crack cocaine, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, marijuana, and hash oil. The third is specialized in the detection of explosives.


The canine sense of smell is over 400,000 times greater than that of a human. For this reason, the K-9 Unit has become a valuable asset to the Pelham Police Department and the community we serve.



The Evidence Technician Unit is responsible for maintaining crime scene integrity, properly collecting evidence, documenting incidents through proven methods, and establishing scientific facts surrounding crimes.


Our Evidence Technicians are required to attend an intense in-house training program involving latent finger print examination, photography, crime scene sketching, laser training, evidence recovery, and evidence document techniques. They then complete lengthy, on-the-job training with an experienced Evidence Technician.



 At least one Pelham Police officer is assigned to each campus of Pelham City Schools.

SROs serve as a visible deterrence to crime and handle any incidents that arise during school hours. They also serve as a resource, problem solver, and mentor to students.

The idea is to establish a lasting partnership with the school system and its student population.

Pelham Ridge Elem.

Pelham Park Middle

Pelham Oaks Elem.

Pelham High

Pelham High


Code Enforcement is responsible for educating and informing citizens of the codes and ordinances established for the city by the Pelham City Council.


They set minimum requirements and standards regarding property and structures to promote and protect public health, safety, convenience, order, and general welfare of all Pelham citizens and those who visit our city. 


The goal is to provide a proactive approach by maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe environment through public education, compliance, and enforcement.



The Bike Patrol Unit was reinstated in the spring of 2018.

The main goal of the unit is to break down barriers between police and the public. Removing the patrol car allows officers to actively engage with people in our community.

Bike Patrol Officers are responsible for patrolling special events, such as concerts at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Bulls games at the Pelham Civic Complex, and Fire on the Water at Oak Mountain State Park. They also participate in targeted patrols at shopping centers, recreational areas, and in neighborhoods.

Bike Patrol officers are certified through the

International Police Mountain Bike Association.



Pelham Police officers are the highest trained law enforcement officers in Shelby County due to an aggressive field training program for new police personnel, as well as regular required in-service training for all police officers.

Both sworn and civilian employees of the department complete certification and specialty courses, as well as in-service and re-certification training on a yearly basis.

All employees have the opportunity to participate in specialty training outside the agency, as well.






The Criminal Investigations Division has the general responsibility of follow-up investigations of all felony and serious misdemeanor crimes committed within the city limits. This includes all drug investigations, as well as investigations involving juveniles.


Pelham Police Department detectives also gather and maintain criminal intelligence information and perform surveillance of suspected criminal activity.

Our department has detectives assigned to Compact 2020, the Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI and the US Secret Service Alabama Electronic Crimes Task Force.



Property crimes are committed to obtain money, property, or benefit. 


Internet crime is any crime or illegal activity committed online using the Internet. 


Financial crimes are committed by a person or a group for personal benefit.


Violent crimes include the use of force against an individual or group of people.



Property crime includes burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism, among other crimes.


These crimes are committed to obtain money, property, or some other benefit.


Internet crimes are a major problem in the United States.


These types of crimes range from fraud to child pornography to hacking. The consequences vary depending on the seriousness of the offense.


An internet crime, or cybercrime, refers to any illegal practice that involves the use of a computer or network, or targets a computer or network.



Financial crime is crime committed against property, involving the unlawful conversion of the ownership of property belonging to another person to one's own personal use and benefit. Examples include credit card fraud, skimming, identity theft, among others.

Financial crimes may be carried out by individuals, organized crime groups, and corporations.



A violent crime is one in which an offender uses or threatens to use force upon a victim.


This entails crimes in which the violent act is the objective, such as murder or rape, and crimes in which violence is the means to an end, such as robbery.



Contact Compact 2020



Contact the Task Force




A drug disposal box is in the lobby of the Police and Court building.


Anyone wishing to dispose of prescription or over the counter medications may do so anonymously. You do not have to see anyone or fill out any paperwork. It is as simple as bringing the medications to the lobby of the building and dropping them in the drug take-back box.

The dangers of keeping unused and outdated medications in your home continue to increase annually. The illegal use of prescription drugs is a serious problem and continues to destroy lives. Please join the

Pelham Police Department and help put a stop to the illegal use of prescription drugs in our community by turning in your unused and outdated drugs today.

Thank you for helping in the fight against prescription drug abuse.

We do not accept thermometers, needles, inhalers, aerosol cans, lotions or liquids.

The disposal box was donated by CVS Pharmacy as part of a grant.


The Pelham Police Department Law Enforcement Explorer Post is designed to give young people, ages 14-21, a unique insight into the law enforcement profession.

Explorer Post 2600 was founded in 2016. Our explorers have excelled since that time, winning numerous awards. Each year, explorers receive similar training as our police officers. They then take that knowledge to competitions, such as Winterfest and the ALEEAA Academy.

Pelham Police explorers also assist officers with traffic control at numerous events, including concerts at the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre and Fire on the Water. They also participate in National Night Out, an annual event hosted by PPD, recruiting other students to join the organization.

Explorer Post 2600 meets every Tuesday at 7:00pm at police headquarters.




The Communications and Records Division consists of the Police & Fire 9-1-1 Dispatch Unit as well as the Records Unit. A Patrol Lieutenant oversees the Division.

Personnel assigned to the Communications Center answer all incoming telephone calls for police information and assistance. When necessary, they dispatch calls for service to police and fire units. The Communications Center is one of only two 9-1-1 answering points in Shelby County.


The Records Unit is responsible for handling all the records produced by police department personnel. The department has two records clerks that input data associated with those records, and they distribute those records to the public or another agency when requested.



The Administrative Services Division includes community relations, court liaison services, computer system operations, uniform and equipment procurement, and radio systems maintenance and operation.

Personnel in the Administrative Services Division conduct research to develop, update, and implement rules, regulations and general orders governing the operation of the police department.


Additional duties include personnel recruitment and retention, inspection services, internal affairs, budgeting and accounting.


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